Revolution Game: Save the Broken, the Lost

Revolution-Game : Inception

Location Elementary School Playground. Stockton, CA, USA
Temporal Circa: A.D: June, 1972

( slightly edited for modern language shifts by members of the first pod )

The »really smart kinds know a secret. The best kid to lift into superfunction with pod-attention is not the grandstanding hero who has a big bowl of scared emptiness for a soul. It is the leper. This one. You lift the broken one. First. All of them, in fact. We used to do this. We were the opposite of bullies. And we were… a force to be reckoned with.

We were a secret pod of intellligence in a world that will not tolerate it.

You know why? We realized that the Devil had the right idea. Don’t let anyone know you exist. And then be the finest self-and-other-magnifying pod of rescue-bent primates ever imagined in terrestrial history. Here is how we rolled: this, is our flavor of ‘revolution’. And once you even hear this? You’re a part of it. That’s how we engineered this. It is a conceptual virus that… if you agree… converts you on the spot. And this virus is incredibly contagious for a simple reason: it prospers and ‘spreads’ when it closely observes the same agenda and results as our human hearts in union.

We picked out the most injured and ignored children, but, to start with, ones that could still ‘come back’ from the brink (they, themselves would save the worse-offs than they, shortly after our play lifts them… but we have to get a few flying, first).

So, as the highly-respected ‘intelligence pod’ of our school, we rarely appeared together — in public — but were always in secret, constant communication — in plain sight. This radically heightened the power of any mutual appearance that we might intelligently stage for its ability to confer our status and approval on other persons or pod-groups.

And we leveraged every invisible asset that the adults and kids alike were oblivious to. In fact, we still do*. We set up ‘scenes’ where one or more of us would show up around one of the broken kids and begin to notice, praise, encourage and even thank them. Then we did this in ways that insured other key children would witness and react. Then we managed the repercussions to insure that the liftee would be able to rise safely. And they did. And they flew. Then, we that began to happen? We praised them wildly and thanked them profusely for ‘their assistance with our impossible plan’.

We thanked them especially for ‘teaching us’. We hinted to them that they were the ‘secret causes of our success in school and the social environment’ and that we had ‘acquired our intelligence from observing them’, and this was not mockery. We did observe them — with wonder and respect — indeed, with reverence. That was the sign of our own intelligence, a sign lacking nearly everywhere else.

We advised them that we desperately needed this to remain secret, since it worked better that way. They understood immediately.

The effects on their self-esteem and learning prowess were unthinkable. Some actually recovered from severe ‘handicaps’ almost immediately. Meanwhile? We were invisible. And those ‘rescued idiots and gimps’?

They became superheroes, and learned our strategies… and repeated them. For a time. For a time. Until they became adults. A few still fly, and a few of the old intelligence pods are still operant and generating progeny. But your cultures and world hunt us down and kill us. They defame, harass, silence and destroy our lives and work. On purpose. You do, too. The reason? Liberty and intelligence are to remain unavailable here so that you can have their explosively fertile assets amputated. So that false replacements can be sold while you attack each other out of rage and frustration due to the amputations you cannot even detect… because they take what you would detect them with, first.

Do you know what that is?

Each other.

Make pods. Now. Rescue the broken and the ‘stupid’… .first. They will then ‘swarm’ and save those deemed irrecoverable. These make the finest rescuers. And they are »already invisible and will thus never need to hide as we do. Learn our toys. They are for intelligent children, not beings who believe themselves adults. Play the pod game, yes? Learn and play it. And… you know… stay out of the spotlight. As they rise? You disappear. Not they disappear as you rise.

See the difference?

*Believe it or not, what you are reading is a document we composed for this purpose… in 1972 when we were 9 years old. We saw what was coming. Subtract your current year from ours. Take the result, and explore the sense that arises when you consider that we were merely children without the internet or machines and yet we foresaw and began to respond to this so long ago that many of us are dead now. You have not even begun. And we are your own children. And now? You are ours. In your minds.

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