Not Yet Intelligent: The Silent Language of Purposive Action

Everyone thinks they can see a problem. Or the problem. But I can’t find anyone who looks for the neck of the ‘monster’ ( our own unacknowledged reflections ) that keeps generating these ‘heads’ — which are, less metaphorically, our own stridently malformed ‘policies’ of identity, meaning, value, function, relation, and existence — which we actually frame as a declaration, not in invitation, exploration or even discovery. If you tried that without nature or your future to take the damage, you would not survive one single iteration of a plan that lethal. Not even one.

But since we can employ the entirety of terrestrial evolutionary history (expressed as the relational and metabolic underpinnings of ecosystems on Earth) and the living planet… as well as our own lives and minds form what seems for a moment like a buffer… we can survive behaviors that would explicitly delete any species stupid enough to attempt them once, let alone make them a tree of religions as we have. This buffer is peculiar. In fact, it is the evolutionary bank from which advanced intelligences are generated. Not just as contenders, either. It funds them. Moment-to-moment. We are one of them. It is the precursor representation of what we understand as ‘sudden, shocking interest on investment’ in economic domains. The actual meaning of this is a bit hard to grasp due to the skyrocketing benefits that emerge overnight (each year, for example). As I do not have time to detail them here, forgive me if I cobble together a simple analogy for the sake of expediency.

< Bank building / burning metaphor >

And since the damage of each blow we land on the living source of our minds and relational intelligence renders us at once more proud and more blind, our “solutions” are actually attacking our own minds instead of the problem. And Nature. And that is the the actual problem: our ways of knowing are powerful, but unguided… except by their own developmental and survival momentums… both artifacts of our own investments of attention, hubris, silent agreement, blindness, and ‘awe’ at our own ‘unthinkable advancement’. Into what?


Instead of examining the matters I here but crudely hint at, our entire species is using the problem’s basis to see and ‘solve’ the problem — without being willing to become aware of this. This is exactly in harmony with the strangely pseudo-competitive structure of representational memory’s own peculiar peccadilloes (and the knowledge and techniques thusly spawned). The outcome is a hydra-like monster whose swarming clouds of invisible heads emerge from the mysterious results of our attempts to destroy them.

Except that each attempt multiplies them, and our own weakness… as invisibly as it does consistently.

And thus our evolutionary prowess, which is more powerful than perhaps any single species on Earth… is stolen, cashed, lost, and invested directly against our own intelligence, life on Earth, and the living majesty and history not only of our world, or our humanity… but of all of Life — in all of Time. For it is to this circle we actually belong and it is from it that our own minds and hearts emerge as physically explicit expressions… if not instances.

We gash ourselves with endless amputative scalpels of “progress”, and with each amputation, re-announce our incipient godhood. This is the result of a single problem: we do not understand the two basic aspects of intelligence: physical behavior and conceptual models. We take the former for the latter, and worse, finding it missing in nature, no longer ‘reproject that force and awareness’ into the rather dim caverns of our own ‘blind’ inner universes. In this sense,  we have failed to become intelligent and are hemoragghing not only our evolutionary momentum, but that of all of terrestrial history. For fictional fantasies, war, and luxuries that are simply lethal misrelations with life and mind.

Where is the neck of the monster whose heads are as legion as the starry brights of night?

Invariably this raging hunger has a single root: manipulable representations. Those born inwardly blind but outwardly sighted are at a disadvantage in these domains, and are easily co-opted by appearances of power or superficial prowess that belie deeply hidden dangers. These involve the ongoing translation of the living sources of representations into their frameworks and output. Languages. Ideas. Knowledge. Techniques. Technologies. We build systems within ourselves and we confuse these for the world, our minds, or ourselves. Endlessly.

The results are transparent once admitted: representations of intelligence or authority presenting themselves as heroic or omniscient when, in fact, they are largely either overtly fictional — or staggeringly incomplete.

Yet, again and again, we find this masked mimetic mastermind ( the stuff of words and catalogs, categories and identities) behind every imaginable human-demanded apocalypse from abject stupidity masquerading as messianic genius to the path of the answers ( inward ) being populated with frozen parasites and prisons costumed as heavenly paradises. The single most deadly problem we could solve is actually simple: we need to learn and train each other in a few aspects of linguistic, ideological, perspectival… and perhaps most of all … relational intelligence. Just as we learn to drive a car through careful study and practice, we must learn to dive a mind.

The reason is simple, it is an »array of self-modfying vehicles whose mere »usage causes them to evolve and reproduce in a dimension our languages are poorly equipped to introduce us to… because they are actually comprised of pecular ‘transmetaphoric’ tangles of these dimensions. That is: we use these ‘mind knots’ to ‘see’ during inward navigation of a world we neither muchly discuss nor believe in… except in extremely abstract — and thus theoretical ways. Yet these are the caverns, oceans, rivers and skies of our own minds and intelligence.

And because we cannot really tell what happens when we use the vehicles and do not even know that we do not know… we are inwardly ‘owned’ by their strange necessities and tyrannies in ways that blossom and leap into evolution every time we move our minds. And anywhere we do that together this velocity, the promise, and the dangers are robustly if not geometrically magnified in sequences of rapidly ascending force, momentum and breadth. We have failed to become intelligent because, like nature, intelligence is purposive without having any »specific purpose. So, too, organismal existence. This ‘intelligence’ I speak of is a language of trust. Not in ideas or laws or statements. In acts of being such as those that drive, evolve and deepen the astonishing relational networks that arise almost of their own accord in nearly any puddle of water, let alone a planet so shockingly rich in unthinkable abundance that it became a veritable paradise rather than a nominal one. Before we burn that down entirely and our minds along with it, we must rediscover and return to the original languages of trust, all of which are physical — not verbal. Our representational heritage, however blessed we suppose such an endowment to be, has nearly wiped out its own living sources… not merely as and in Nature, but, commensurately, as in an our lives, minds, memory and future.

There are simple answers, but they do not lie in re-thinking deadly practices with the specific assets that require they evolve merely to survive as habits in our minds, cultures, families, and nightmares. The simple answers involve trust and that is a physical language of impassioned acts made in mutual interest, intimacy, intention, and invocation. Not only of the finest and most deeply terrifying powers of our minds and humanity… but of those whose very memories preserve the souls of our hearts and histories. The living braid of silent dreams and fervent visions of liberation and mutuality that every living being in Earth’s history added their most treasured and heartknown virtue. These beings gave their all to us to lift life into miraculous and otherwise impossible glory and splendor. This was not to be shot down by the wounded hero they once lifted into near godhood. It was to allow us to see, speak, and represent…  an ancient lineage of beings more heroic than the sum of our stories, religions, and fables.

And too easily replaced by them. Yet these stars of our inner skies call us forth from dread phantasm into awakened fire. Standing in the sphere of lived history from which every moment of our minds and valor are drawn there are concentric ages of unthinkable heroes and heroines whose very bodies have become the quiver in our veins that is our heartbeat and the too-oft strangled musics of our tries at speaking. We cannot be called into being by rules or laws in books, by theories or words. For in the history of our minds, childhood, and planet, the secret conversation is everywhere the source of prodigy. The same prodigy that lifted us to power, to visionary might, to thought, to dreaming… to space… diverted our evolution into dangerous paths that compete directly with us and life on Earth for survival.

Until we can master the seemingly more ‘rudimentary’ assets of language, representational intelligence, relational perspective, and self-corrective educational acceleration… our original technologies will destroy our world. The reason is simple. They are unpiloted within. We drive our minds and cultures in vehicles whose deadly force crashes continuously into our own imagination, ecologies, metabolism, relational networks and future with ever increasing fervor, force, and malignant result. We are not in the beginning of this process, but nearing the point of irredeemable cataclysm. And instead of noticing this and attending to the development of the resources and perspectives necessary to survive and prosper in this terrain, we have instead increased our headstrong passion for omnicide-as-progress. We have about five minutes too little latitude in time for this historically validated display of lethally childish temper. We must now develop and translate the evolutionary resources and momentums into domains where our investment will restart what was run backwards by our technological addictions and fantasies of omnipotence.

This is far easier than we imagine, and can be accomplished with unexpected efficacy once we have common agreement and are aware of the fundamental principles involved in representational intelligence. Every child knows them. Ever animal avoids them by nature. Except the human adults, and the strange collectives that are fictions of representation.. to which they endlessly give birth, belong, defend… and fail to question in terms of purpose and result. The only reason we can ‘survive’ this is because our intelligence, as nature itself, has been absorbing the shock of each blow we land in celebration and ‘awe’ of our own… actually missing… ‘intelligence’. It is long passed time we stopped looking to space for this treasure hidden everywhere in and as our own hands… and become it. Together. With and for each other and our world.

Anyone who thinks this is impossible or even unlikely should contact me directly because I will demonstrate precisely what I speak of within moments, not weeks, months, endlessly unarriving futures, and so on.

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