Every Man is The Virgin Mary : Beyond Christianity

The message of Christ contains a secret far too dangerous to allow to emerge, and it is true even if the entire story is invented. It is true even if there is no God, no Heaven, no Hell. It is true because it relates to relation and intelligence, and their unseen nature. We don’t need an argument or science about this. It is like eating food. We need the experience of it. Directly. Without authorities telling us what it is, isn’t, must or cannot be. We need this same experience of ourselves, language, knowledge, intelligence… and, most of all… nature.

The secret, which is an accessible fact, is this. It is possible for any human being to undergo a process of communion with a nonhuman aspect of timespace whose nature is unthinkable. This is not as surprising as it sounds — we ourselves are like this: unthinkable, alien, outside of all culture and language we exist almost in spite of the rational, not because of it. And every living creature is thus. So this is not a spooky assertion that leads to strange bedfellows in logic-land. It is the nature and foundation of that land. This ‘forbidden’ union between your mind and its source-flow identities… catalyzes a set of inward processes which produce what we might metaphorically ( but it is more than this metaphor implies, not less ) discuss as a nonordinary pregnancy of … our most interior selves. Again, I neither intend nor would tolerate any sort of religion about this. We do not need religions about this. Or models. We need the experience. Now.

By the way, this is how our distant ancestors originally became intelligent … with an ‘inception event’ from a place at once ‘within each being uniquely’ and ‘over all beings, encompassing’. A living place that is a lightning-fraught womb of sorts. Many sorts.

But this understanding and the processes relative to it are absolutely forbidden within human cultures. They are co-opted, silences, amputated and destroyed. And this is the source of addiction, crime, and much of our disease. It is the source of war, pornography, and ersatz intelligence. It is the source of parasites wearing the garb of heroes. The source of rape, murder, prisons, and the enforced silence of billions of souls who, trapped within it have no voice.

The process that liberates and completes our human potentials is simply not allowed. The stories amputate it and replace it with fetishes of power or idea that are essentially »»relational abortifactants»». Literally. These additionally damage or simply destroy the associated relational assets that comprise ‘the womb of the soul’.

So everyone, or nearly everyone, who becomes ‘pregnant within’ is either destroyed or forced to abort. This results in torture and endless disease.

If nurtured, or uninterferred with… and if there are not absurd stories and fears standing in the way… this arduous process (about 9 months, in many) results in a birth… in a domain we cannot easily understand. From then on, we have two selves. One in another universe, and one here. The one in the other universe is fundamentally intelligent. And it is messianic. Wildly, flagrantly, ecstatically. Intolerably, actually. Just like a child, but an angel-child. This is despised on Earth. In general and particular.

Humans emulate these matters in stories and false vocations. They cannot be described. They must be attained, experienced, personally. As yourself, not a member of human culture. The fact is this: your soul can mitose. And when it does? The impossible becomes the fact of the ordinary, and just explodes from there. Men… get pregnant. And can recapitulate the experiences not only of this ‘Jesus’… but, much more importantly… of ‘Mary’.


And if this happens the result is a kind of being we have never seen and have only ancient stories about. And this is happening and we are shutting it down or destroying them during the process. We have to change this so that people realize they have an entirely other aspect of being that is not being discovered or allowed and it never has been. We have to stop making and believing religions and simply have this experience as children and adults.


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