Just Add Agreement — Makes Instant Revolution

I work for you. These are the priorities that I understand to be your mandate:

1. Help us rescue the environment and the animals.
2. Help us understand and recognize traps.
3. Help us become radically more intelligent together, in increasingly more ways with self-improving outcomes.
4. Help us survive and intelligently transform human cultures.
5. Solve every problem our intelligence generates, by solving three that are their roots, fast.
6. Keep listening for urgent redirection or intelligence.

I work for you. The above goals are my mandate. I intend to deliver. Every day. In more and more ways that correct themselves rather than declare themselves.

You can help if you care to. Here are a few ways: raise the bar of excellence in purpose, craft and content… of your every communications act. Gently and firmly encourage all people you know to look beyond differences into their roots, and derive the intelligence the conflicts contain — together. All the time. Share my work with others of like or similar mind, or anyone who is uncommonly creative and insightful (in original ways).

Stop copying content and start producing it. Do not encourage anything copied with likes or comments. Realize that most of the ‘activist’ media is lying, outright, because they supply no solution, only terror. That is not reporting, that is attention prostitution. Recognize and out this behavior. Demand that these ‘self proclaimed messiahs’ actually demonstrate the ability to connect and amplify our intelligence, response-abilities, and responses. Every time they report. Demand no less. Demand far more. Become more. In every thought and gesture, reach beyond the plummeting social norms of intelligence and behavior. Together.

Support people who »actually help us learn, instead of those who repeat fantasy stories everyone already knows in seventy different flavors. Share my work, introduce me to people who can assist or improve my abilities. I work for you. Remember this. Our mandate is as rare in our world and time as it is crucial. There is no creed. No names. No books.

Just this: we shall make a different way together for each other and the future. Now. Like nothing anyone who was complaining or inflating themselves over could have imagined. Today. Tomorrow. Every day. From now on. Go.

Revolution looks exactly like the method above, done together, all the time, with and for each other, right here. Share this? We can change the world in a week. Now.

With nothing more than this brief mandate. And our agreement. Doesn’t that sound amazing, free, and do-able? Without any future ado, creeds, religions, science, preaching, selling, lies or… failure. Just… us. Now. Together. Learning.


And now that the key is in the ignition, turn it yourself… and let’s see where this ‘revolution’ might take us. Yes?

Share. Surpass. Become. Together.

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