Pod-Game: A Christmas Carol

There is no try? No. There is no Me. There is only we(Me). Serious. Ly. And if you realize?. You recognize that… the ~we~ is a (modulable) pod. And that changes and raises or lowers… so to speak, in multiple ways and rhythms and cycles… at once and over time… a you. Seriously. You don’t really ‘exist’.

An association of beings ‘projects’ a ‘you’ within and as ‘you’. And you ‘project’ them, within and onto… ‘them’. See?

Real or imaginal. Both, in fact, the latter within.

And the (Me) is where »they lift you to. Not a place you own or possess. No. Where the pod lifts you to.


Note the orientations of bodies in pod animals. They are not really pod animals at all. They are a single animal with a hero/heroine based leader-array. This array is exploratory and armed. It is an intelligence network that morphs liquidly over time, relational, evolutionary and developmental travel. These… are time travelers. You only «think that water is their primary medium. For their bodies? Perhaps. For their minds? Unity and time, over space and relation. That is the «medium in which they «travel and excel… together.

Now. There are time pods and place pods. For example, a species is a time pod. All one pod. Spaced in timespace as distinct individuals. A pod-people, so to speak. Over time.

A place-pod is a group of individuals. A pride. A flock. A pod of dolphins. A troop of bonobos. Pods produce pod-stars. Humanity produces mostly phony ones, and most… phony pods. Any other species that did this would be snuffed. Fast, too. Ours can survive because we use nature and ecosystems, animals and other species to absorb the damage. Both kinds produce pod stars. These are ones who draw all others into relational and developmental excellence. On Earth, amongst humans this power is lied about with the word: holiness.

Now, listen close, here’s the key.

Nature and those other species we use to pretend we are not pods — and dispose of at whim as if they are not beings or intelligent?

They are time-pods. In communion of evolutionary moment. Which means co-compressed forward development. With and for each other. Every one. That is »competition. Yes. It is. Competition to produce time-pod stars and place-pod stars. In other words, species leaders and inside-species leaders.

And we are the leader they lifted to the mantle. The ‘king dom’. We are their time-pod. Their body of unity. This is why we adore nature. And why most of our fake pods have to attack it like it was a llittle girl they were intent on raping until she finally died and could be represented on a magazine cover instead. Seriously.

»We are their pod-star. »All of their powers are compressed and re-expressed in and as us. Whatever we do and become with them? Is furiously magnified in our own minds, bodies, senses, and cultures.

Get it? They »raise us to where we are, and we »assassinate them for luxury, sport, and hubris… (which we often call »research!) in return! But they »know this. They are actual pods. We are one, giant, lying, lethal, phony anti-pod swarm.

A dis-ease.

Now lastly.

Since we »are their pod-star. What happens if you assemble a true pod, in the old, nonverbal, nonhuman, culture-piercing way… is this.

The entire intelligence of the entire history of life on Earth backs your mind, learning, goals, and play. Directly. 24/7.

And you?

You become miracle.

So miracle?

That three of you can move a world in a night.

One night.

Three people.

A world.

Right [ redacted ] now, people.

“Merry Crossing-Mass”

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