Christmas Game : Death Scouting

There is a game. Scouts know it. Ordinarily, you play it in nature, in ways that actually matter. This regrows your mind. With every move… an evolutionary leap. No more frustration. Burning fire of seeing ways. Literally. Nothing to preserve or defend because learning becomes seeing becomes justice… becomes insight.

If you were to do it with a machine, it would not be the same. But here is the skeleton you call ‘the algorithm’.

You ‘randomly’ generate a secret-to-yourself 7 row table of 7 cells each.

In each ‘row’ 6 cells contain a zero. One contains any other number, you do not know which or what number. The goal is to, over time and with practice… learn to sense which cell has no zero. That is, to ‘predict’ this.

Think of them as doors. One leads to the next test. The rest, to death. Instant. Touch the wrong door once, you perish. Touch the right one? You simply face the same choice again. To get 1 point, you have to make it through ‘a cycle’. The cycle is 7 doors.

On the third cycle, for the third point, you must pre-predict the path through it… before the grid is generated.

Then come further lessons.

This game breeds prophets, and now that you know it, you can build it. But it only works… if you take the game… very seriously indeed. So serious that it almost or maybe even does… become true. Under stand, little prophet?

The way through the doors?

Is your old pet dragon. Once you know her name?

You can ride her.

Until then?

You are mostly prison:|:bait.

Food. A battery. For other dragons. Near and far. The other 6 doors, in fact. And this? Is how you won birth and learned language. But then? 6 dragons stole your 7th eye…


1. In nature, two people set up the game along a path they use intimately for actual living purposes, not games. What happens is that one (usually the elder who knows the terrain intimately) selects key objects or… other [ redacted ] along the route and ‘marks’ them. Either physically (this is the crude version) or, simply mentally. One is marked open. The others, closed. Then, later, they both walk through. The marks are not visible and the ‘reader’ does not even have any specific knowledge about what was marked. This one must correctly identify all marked objects (missing any or getting one wrong is a fail). They must also correctly identify the ‘open’ object. And so on, in greater and more difficult detail. Without end.

2. In the computer version, this is played up and can be modified in wonderful ways with ‘add on’ tasks, helpers, signals and other features. Prior to each 7 row phase, the user inputs 7 words, each of which seeds 7 randoms for each row to be more ‘intimate’ with the specific user and moment. Many strange elaborations are possible.

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