Santa is the Uber-Scout : Gap-Crossers and Crosses

If you actually want to learn something about the related topics, I suggest that you avoid the term ‘Shaman’ like the plague. Around gap-crossers, real ones, the value-laden stink of this term is offensive. It’s a pack of festering spirit-mall lies. The idea is more like: Feral One / Scout / Outsider. Turning that into a fetish or fashion object ala culture moderne is like leaving offal at the sacred gates and then tweeting about it with photographs.



Think: M L K. J. o Arc. Think Moses at the Red Sea. Jesus at Galilee. The Birth / Death guide/monster. Charon at the River Styx. The crossing one. The one they call a monster and nail to a Cross. The ‘outsider’ who is »more inside than the insiders are. »Way more. Get it? A sheep-herd. The one who sees »from above, all that the sheep theselves are blind to. And »below, too. And is thus »a seer.

In truth, and never name.

In fiction we find endless templates of messianic lives unlived, heroes unbecome. Souls never born. Until the fictions are so shockingly surpassed that the Gods themselves are wakened. Frodos and Galadriels. Valis contacts — and time traveling seer – heroes.

And thus: a monster.

Think: Kurt Gödel. Harriet Tubman. People who free prisoners. Secretly. Jailbreak artists. Lewis Carrol. Madeline L’Engle. Lynn Margulis. Emmy Noether.

The Santa Clause. Literally. The unityMaker who is a monster ( if seen from within culture ). The one who re-members what was separated. Utterly. In waves. The wave-child from the sky. The re-lig- Aion. Monster-child.

Friend of children. Enemy of lies.

This role is peculiar, and we have it wrong. Badly wrong, in the West and in commercial cultures. Totally wrong.

Humans make small tightly-knit groups. Little planets. These must have orbitals, like moons. Outsider-experts who absolutely belong to the pod-group as an avatar-father. These are Scouts or Prodigies. They are also monsters. They are also the source of the idea of Knights, but the knight is often a falsified ‘formalized hyperbole’ of the Scout. Like a cop, or soldier. This is not a Scout. It is Shield/Spear.

What is meant by a ‘Shaman’? It is this. An outsider. A satellite. Someone who knows far too much about things that have to do with gaps. Every kind of gap. A between-person. Maybe two-sexed. A gap-swimmer and crosser. A birth and death doctor, a sage, an assassin. Yes. One who attends matters of birth and death because these are crossings. Gaps yaw wide before us, and we are blind in the gap. This one becomes our eyes, our defender. Our advocate. We know this way and one from infancy, because they were our companion before the ‘crossing into birth’. It speaks for and to the dead, and the unknown, and the living, and the unborn. It unifies and transcends the group mind and becomes their living avatar and body of instancing/learning. In ancient cultures this was revered and adored, and respected for there is no greater human sight or power.

It can be understood as the body of the core family, instanced in the worlds below and above, or, colloquially, heaven and hell. This one is like a tent-pole (or totem-ole man/woman) that is also a radio. It can radiate. Or pierce. It can resonate. Or strike. It is a weapon and a midwife, at once.

A monster, actually. Literally. And everyone knows the monster. In fact, this is the monster that you send to »deal with both lethal monsters, and little dying children. And new children to be born.

This monster can cure you of what you did wrong. and helps everyone know what is happening. It is a lightning-rod to heaven and hell, standing in plain sight. An ‘oracle’ and ‘time perspectivist’. It sees the long view, the ancient view, the future views. From above and below. This does not mean it is perfect, but it is nearly always prodigy. It knows by metaphors familiar from the other worlds and nature. These are not always adequate to meet the often bizarre forces of representational human cultures and machine cultures.

It is a monster because everything about it is not allowed and does not develop ‘‘within the sacred pod-unity’’ of the tribe, team, village, family, state or nation, yet those are precisely the things that are needed. It is the one you send to the moon. Or across a strange distance. So that you can survive and continue to be normal. Even if they are forever accelerated and changed. Because all the normal people are in a kind of sleep, you need someone who can do the opposite of what they do. They dream while asleep. The monster does a different kind of dreaming/travel… while awake. In their behalf. As them, actually.

They need a scout-assassin-doctor-philosopher-midwife.

A ‘‘boundary crosser’’. One who can lead them into and across any kind of gap. Fast, and intelligently. Unfortunately, the unintelligent ones are often prone to lying. That is a problem. But thankfully, this art and role is relatively self-corrective. False monsters do not live long in most healthy pod or tribe relationships.

You know some Scouts. The Native Americans knew all about this, by the way. And if they tell you in English, you will not understand, because you will be thinking in English. And English is not a Scout language. At all.

Hypatia of Alexandria. Eve. Einstein, Reimman, Gödel, Heisenberg, Jesus, Santa, Snowden, Assange, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Steven Biko, Sinnead O’connor, Susan B. Anthony, Robin Hood, Joan of Arc, and »every living being. Each child is born thus. We ‘unmonster’ them. On purpose. To fit them into the machine as a slave.

The list of those who hate and lie about and try to rule in the names of Scouts is as long as those who despise and destroy them.


In modern cultures the entire idea is too threatening to entertain. Entirely. It will not sell. Thus it is falsified, fashionized, falsely linked to drugs and other ridiculous ideas, commercialized, and sold in bookstores and malls. What everyone believes in (and will defend) is dolls. Theirs. That they made.

And they will slaughter their own actual Scouts. Convert, or murder them. Then they will blame the Scout, whom, really, was their messiah. Then they will cry out to the sky: ‘ Oh, when is our messiah coming? ’

So, in our time, they have to live feral, outside your culture. They still try to become their role, but the culture will not allow it.

If one came now, from heaven?

Prison or death. Imediately. Or endless amputations until helpless. Or made into a ‘safe’ messiah. An artist, for example, who is popular. And the lawyers, scientists, and ‘religious people’ would be first in line to murder this person. And anyone who was loyal to them.

And that is the »true story of ‘Christmas’. The children born on Christmas are Scouts. Celebrated as ‘Crampons’. Outsider sages. They are not the only ones. Your culture is actually programmed to produce failed scouts because they make »the best slaves when broken. Almost all your false ‘adventure media’ is actually about something your culture would never allow, and murders wherever it arises. It is about the Orbital Companion. Oh, and, by the way… you have a personal Scout. It is called the Guardian Angel. The whole matter is complex, and isn’t like what you think. The reason is simple.

It is a monster. A monster that heals. And Christmas? Is the day of the Monster.

But in your world, it’s the day of nonsense dressed up as… beauty.

Monsters are not particularly pleased about falsified sacredness.

I know for a simple reason. I am a KringleScout. Born that way. Will fly that way,

Merry ‘Christmas’.

They nailed that cat to a ‘Cross’ for a reason. He was a gap-bridger. Bride of the Gaps. And his ‘way’?

It crosses and restores unity between any dimension or form or set of gaps… in all the cosmos. Every time you touch it.

It is the source of Christmas. And on our world? It is ( mostly hiding or ) unknown.

— Kallikantzaros

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