The Signal to Space

Before anyone gets all excited about signalling to space I suggest that we pause for a moment and examine the signal we are unintentionally sending… as our world and the state of its atmosphere and remaining ecologies. This signal belies warm welcome and the self-esteem apparent in our other signals, which are, indeed, effectively lies. We are not friendly to other intelligences. We are not friendly to our own. We are not even friendly to our world. At all. We despise life and are xenophobic. By all accounts of action and history, we prefer dead terrain and machines. Almost invariably. As a species. 24/7/365. We are sending this signal harder and in new ways — with each 60 seconds that pass. And ramifying… relationally and ecologically… like mad.

The resulting message which is about as clear as lightning, is something like this: we will slaughter you for sport and luxury — and value little chunks of object-garbage more than oceans, (our own lives, societies, intelligence, and so on)… life on earth, liberty, truth, sentience, or… anything… actually.

Until everything is either dead, war, little dolls and info-tchotchkes… or all machines.

Right now. Total obliteration masquerading as… what? Sentience? Intelligence? Engineering disease?

To whom do you suppose that this incredible signal is invisible? Seriously? Who? A space-faring species? Really!?


Now let me propose a second vector of analysis. Suppose that there are alien intelligences observing or interested in Earth. Do you think they would listen to the signals we send from and with machines into space or the signals our minds, cultures, lives, and activities directly comprise?

I mean, don’t you think that they can read worlds like you read this message?

Which signal would you prefer?

Which signal is true?

Which one can you trust?

Which one cannot hide anything no matter what the purported intention is stated to be?

The signal they listen to is the True Signal. The ways the atmosphere interacts with forces like light and… others of which we are not even formally aware.

The real signal of every sentient species is its relationship with life (other intelligences) and its own developmental potential. As a species becomes technological, this signal grows to include the nature of its interactions with the atmospheric envelope of their world (in our case, Earth). This is, effectively, something like the organs of a cell interacting with its membrane, and this activity is ‘transmissible’ by light.

This is the fundamental and only necessary signalling medium for every intelligent species in all of space:|:time. There is, unfortunately, another kind of species. These destroy living worlds. And, invariably, will be found signalling about peace and intelligence… with machines.

Welcome to the method with which one contacts alien intelligence: our relationship with living symmetries. And that would be: Nature on Earth. Or the shreds that remain.

That is the ‘medium’ that is the source and future of our own, should we care to develop any.

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