They Ate the Sun

“Suppose your people suddenly … or even accidentally… invented a way to eat the Sun.”


“No, seriously. Suppose they found a way, say, to … right outside Earth (but also using her resources)… begin to consume the Sun and turn it into… oh, I don’t know… little boxes that fly around in space and get things or reproduce or make pictures or signalling networks. And say the boxers mined Earth, the moon, and the asterioids for materials to reproduce themselves.

And, since these people had long ago gone completely insane, they set these little boxes loose in near space, and the little boxes began wildly consuming the Sun so that, suddenly, unexpectedly, you realized that the Sun was shrinking at a rate that accelerates scalarly with each iteration.

And suddenly, everyone realized that the Sun would be gone. In two months. Completely.

But instead of turning off all the little space-boxes-they all ran around using them to complain, and get new things, and make even more new kinds of boxes, and take PICTURES OF THE SUN???

So that, instead of rescuing what was left of the Sun, they sold the remains to the highest bidders.

Even though all they had to do was pull a switch in their cultures and minds. Together. In common agreement. It would take 15 minutes.

But they didn’t. Wouldn’t. Said… they couldn’t. And so the Sun died. And they did, too. Before a few weeks. Faster.”

“Ok. You’re right. That is insane.”

“Yes. So stop killing the ecosystems. And the animals. And the resources and relationships that comprise them. RIGHT NOW.  Because it is exactly the same story, or worse… because the local star I here speak of is billions of living places and beings and moments, now and in the future. And this story is not happening in space. You are doing it. Now. Here. With almost every act you make. And you are lying wildly about it. Posting photographs is killing what you photograph. Your machines? They are multiplying while you concern yourselves with profits, population statistics, and recording everything in sight 17 new ways per second… with more machines. All of which require the blood of a living world… to sustain.

The living places and the animals, the insects and all their relationships are the ‘flamboyant’ inward star of your minds and intelligence. Your minds are their children and you have become omnicidal parricides. Short translation: lethally stupid.

Your minds only work with anything like their human capacities when these places, beings and relationships thrive in conditions in which they can rapidly and intensely continue their physical and relational evolutions. You have nearly extinguished the stars … all of them… that are the sources of your mind.

Without them you will immediately be incapable of being anything at all, let alone human. They are nearly done consuming the Sun. You have… a few more months before these processes are irreversible, and must lead to mutual extinction. Once you reach that point, nothing on heaven or Earth can reverse that descent. And it will be precipitous, shocking, and apocalyptic. Because you demanded precisely that with your every absurd religion, science, and collective.

And then?

The little boxes? The hungry, little reproducing boxes… with wheels and lights…?

They will finish consuming you. First your children. Then… the rest. And this process, too, is already momentously well-advanced.”

— an anonymous conversation that just took place

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