“Freedom” or… Something a Lot More Sinister — on Masquerade?

There’s a simple economic fact about public truth: if my $1 is, in your account, $10,000.00, $100,000.00, or $1,000,000,000.00, then your preferred effigy of truth can prevail by force of leverage, not veracity.

And this is neither Democracy or Republic. It is and can only be: Tyranny — the ‘elite collective dominates’ species of organized, pseudoconsenusal rape. We get to rape you as much as you cannot resist or deflect our assaults.

That’s essentially the order of the day.

That‘s the real modern moment of the United States. And the Military. And the Police. And the corporations. And the ‘Contractors’.

And these ‘malignantly elite collectives’ are all allies. They become father, mother, nation god, rapist, and prison warden… to everyone who is not a member, and many of those who are… all at once.

And we shall then be charged (every possible ever-increasing fees) to be ‘protected’ from the effects of the prison which we built with the blood and work of our entire history and moment.

Insurance and objects that simultaneously bind and blind us to the prison-mind and its cavalcade of appearances. Little… shall we say… luxuries. Trinkets. Ideological fashions. Quotes.

And this infinite cornucopia of trinkets from ‘Obnoxico™’ -seem- like luxuries in a terrain this cruelly inhuman and absurdly uninhabitable. So much so -that we begin to resemble the amputations of our ecological, relational, and intellectual assets that they are the replacements for. We become objects. Data points. Representations.

And then we shall be sacrificed daily for the market value of our data. And that is what we are doing. Here. Right now. And we do not even understand this. Yet.

This is our culture. We are no longer citizens, people, men and women, or even human. We are slaves. In minds bound to the wardens by ideas, habits, expectations, and object veneration.

The cattle we slaughter en-masse are more free than we.

Maggots, even.

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