(Do Not) “Have a Great Day!”

I think a lot of people are confused. I know I am. All my life, people I loved were telling me to have a great day. It’s insane. Crippling. What the hell are we doing?

I remember the first time I heard this, the swarms of birds that were my mind froze in midflight, their ambient murmurations dissolving into a terrifying rain of falling forms as if shotgunned by onlookers.

As they fell, and died, I wondered: does anyone actually get days in a box? Is someone giving out good ones? Could there be something wrong with mine? What does getting a day that is good mean?

The stupid questions replaced the birds, and as they died, I became sick inside. This idea was silly. And scary. And insulting. How was I to acquire the right kind of day?

Over time, I learned what was meant by this. At first, I thought I understood, but then, as if in accordance to an instruction manual, I became the whole stupid game. A perspective. That life ‘does things at you’, and that some days are ‘good days’, others ‘bad’.

And then I felt sort of deprived. Was I having enough good days? What about when all the days turned bad? Why was I being given so many bad days all the time? Why did they keep telling me ‘Have a good day!’ with such toxic and surreal faux enthusiasm? Was the world composed of plastic dolls, voices in heads, text encouragements?

Yes. Actually. It was.

But over time I learned the truth about days, and me, and ‘getting’. Days do not come in boxes, there is no accountant who understands them. Or me. In fact, we bring the evaluation… and the intention to create — or accuse. Why bother accusing when we can create, instead?

It’s the same truth I was but could not say as a child. I am the greatness of this day. And if troubles come, I am greater still, and if wonder comes, my ecstasies are great, and I shall be the source and force of greatness in this day as a sun is to the morning, the noon, the sunset. And every day shall be true, and great, and there will be no need for accounting or concern.

Because I shall be the greatness. In new and unthought way and forms. And with you? Together? In such agreement? We will eradicate the plastic admonitions, so long familiar, so deeply offensive, and so habitually, utterly wrong. Every day. From now on.

And from then on there will be greatness of unity and days, and silence of such lies as deny them with the mimicry of pretense.

And so I invite you to never ‘have’ or ‘wish’ again. Together… we shall become too much to hope for, and more than we suspected. Every day. Come what may.


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