They Became What They Beheld : We become what we do

Hello Consumers… did you realize that you are actually attacking your own intelligence… by joyfully emulating and supporting those creators who cater to your weaknesses and laziness? And by praising this behavior all day, every day, rewarding it in every way possible with your attention, power, and praises?

Did you realize that your attacks on writers and artists who do not care for the status quo of stupidity and insipidly endless copying… are attacks on your own possibilities of inspiration, intelligence… insight and liberation?

(Why is this guy saying these things? Is he just full of himself? Arrogant? An idiot elite who thinks he is a genius? No, actually, I have been studying human relational behavior in entirely novel ways for over 25 years, every minute I am awake).

And here is part of what I discovered about media, which Vi gives back to us in her machine-gun intelligence style… as she reads and considers the content of her message and her chosen author of emphasis.

“They became what they beheld”… another way to say that is this: your mind becomes the habits you enforce upon it with your choices. These actions actually change your brain structure -to make you better at whatever you keep repeating-.

And around here m(on the internet and in our modern cultures)?

99% of your choices lead to places you would never voluntarily choose to go. Because you are following something that is the opposite of your intelligence, awareness and potential. It is a parasitic mimic of communication, connection and liberation… and it is ‘shaving’ the reality right off the top of everything we do… and selling us the husk… at ever increasing prices.

Just like the lethal cultures that spawn and support them.

And every time you repeat that move? A little part of me, you, the future, and human history… is killed off.

I am the resurrection of those parts. Right now.

And this is why I do not give a shit about audiences.

Wait, what?

Here’s what: I have to create an audience intelligent and insightful enough to take down our cultures, because those cultures are (covertly) conscripting them to permanent, voluntary infoslavery.


And America, The U.K., France, Italy, Canada, Google and facebook are -amongst the primary targets of any liberation agenda-.

Why? Because -they are the primary parasites, predators, thieves, and tyrants-.

And almost every move you are making here? Supports them -madly- while -they actively oppose everything you are and think you believe in-. And you?

You’re their best friend. Because your habits adore what they pay. And, with few exceptions, at least in the beginning, you may well despise what I give: Intelligence: it doesn’t look like pleasing dead audiences.

It looks like resurrecting their minds. That process is not gentle.

It is electrical.

Ever hear thunder?


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