Dead Nature? Lethal culture.

It should be obvious that Nature is the source of our humanity, our intelligence, our health… and any future we may hope of having. It is also the endless library of teachers, histories, futures, and possibilities from which we draw our own. It is the living mirror in which we know ourselves. It is everything, and our systems of commerce and government are disposable toys in the face of it — not the other way around.

In our rush to ‘achieve’ (I quote this out because one cannot rightly achieve decline) techno-industrial ‘progress’, our role as participants in Nature has been obscured;  we have failed to remember to each other or our children… our own history, to discover anew the peculiar riddle of our place in the vast tree of life from which we diverge so strangely, so dangerously, and so promisingly.

This is the question that holds the key to our future.

The environment is not a ‘spectator’s luxury’ or a disposable commodity: it is the source -and basis- of human health, awareness, and intelligence. Every form of it. We do not ‘preserve” the environment, it preserves us — and if we assault it we die. What is done in Earth’s ecologies is immediately done in our minds, bodies, and cultures.

There is only one organism here, and our peculiar role is not isolated tyrant, but intimate beneficiary… we must invent new and intelligent ways to remember, restore, discover and protect the precious assets that now lie entirely in our delicate and disorganized care. They are as irreplaceable as our own lives, hearts, and children. More, for they form the living womb from which these emerge and take their spirit.

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