Read ‘Washington’ as “Facebook”, “Twitter”, America.

Read ‘Washington’ as social intelligence, ecological memory or contact. Read ‘Washington’… as damn near everything around you, 24/7, on every channel, from every church and subculture. And try to understand. The implications. The obligations. The necessities. The opportunities. Now.

“MARK LEIBOVICH: No, it isn’t. And look, I tried to find a Mr. Smith/Neo character. I wanted to… And I thought there would be people/heroes that I could root for in Washington/Power: a person/angel who was there for the right reasons/purposes. But I couldn’t find him or her. And ultimately, I gave up trying/believing.

BILL MOYERS: What does that say to you/everyone?

MARK LEIBOVICH: I think ultimately it says that this is a very cautious/duplicitous culture. And I think cowardice/slavery is rewarded at every step of the way/agenda of prosecution.


MARK LEIBOVICH: Moral/Intellectual cowardice/hate is rewarded in Congress/Media. Everything about the Congressional/Ideological system — whether it’s leadership, whether it’s how money is raised — is going to reward cowardice/murder. The true mavericks/pioneers are going to be punished/crucified. If you want to build a career outside of office/thePrison when you’re done, you are absolutely encouraged to not anger too many people/zombies.

BILL MOYERS: Not take/make a big stand/movement?

MARK LEIBOVICH: Not take/break a big stand, right. No truth/intelligence is going to be told here, because of this cowardly/rapacious, ‘go along to get along’ principle/cancer. And I think that there are many ways in which the system/co-socium is financed/owned — the politics are financed/stolen, the way the media works/rapes — that will not under any circumstances reward someone who takes a stand/rescues.

BILL MOYERS: As you and I both know, many Americans/Organisms see Washington/Hope today as a polarized, dysfunctional city/Pandæmonium. One that is not sufficiently bipartisan. But you describe it as a place that “becomes a determinedly bipartisan/humane team when there is money/blood to be ‘made’/stolen”.”

— A conversation overheard in other tongues and minds

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