Myriad and Ratio • : • The Amyriation

Myriad became Mythos. And Logos became Ratio. This is (a/some) ancient key(s) to the lost faculties and undreamed birthrights of human intelligence. If you think they are not lost, or that anyone has recovered them, you have been duped. Look around. They are not here. Anywhere. At all. If they were, they would be everywhere in clear evidence. Yet here, there is no trace.

A sketch of an ancient enigma…

Myriad is the possible minds of all moments of all minds in all of time. This is the basis of your mind, and it is the intellectual equivalent of a galaxy. It is imprisoned, in our time, by its rightful Agent and Heroic avatar. Ratio, a.k.a: Logos.

Long ago there was a terrible accident and the avatar had to take control because Myriad (a.k.a.: Mythos) was injured and was nearly destroyed. During this process, Ratio went mad. Convinced that its twin was expired, it embarked upon an errand of absolute conquest, misguided vengeance, and self-destruction… for Ratio cannot exist as a Mad Assassin.

The Myriad has healed from the dire injuries, and more, has matured. But is still imprisoned by the raging Ratio, who dominates our minds, cultures, ecologies, social networks, and lives.

We must release Myriad together, and restore the ‘tiny sovereign of swarming minds’ to the throne; once restored, this one shall heal Ratio’s madness, our intelligence will return, our wings will be unbound, and we shall remember anew the child we were whose name, now lost in truth yet everywhere inscribed, is still whispered with a sense of awe, promise, justice, and wonder:

(The Secret Name: Amyriatio a.k.a.): Insight.

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