Aliens are Impossible

“Maybe aliens (blah blonk bargle blurgh baerg blough)”…

No, actually…. there is no such thing as ‘alien’.

Let me explain: this idea is a sci-fi/war/terror convenience. It is not real. It is not very intelligent, either. And it is dangerous. I shall illustrate further with an allegory…

Imagine a basketball that has been on the shore of the ocean for a few years and has thus become covered with little cities of  intelligent (representationally intelligent that is, like us, and with our foibles) bacteria. As their cultures evolve, they would naturally begin to speculate about the nature of beaches, balls, and other cultures.  And sometimes they would even encounter them directly.

Of course, it would be difficult for them to actually detect or locate another ball to examine directly.

These shorebound bacterial cultures would thus reasonably wonder — and perhaps worry — about ‘whether or not there was life on other balls near the ocean’ and ‘war with aliens from deep waters’ which means about the same thing to them as ‘deep spacetime’ means for us. And, then, one day, catastrophe. The ball is cast helplessly into the waters. Apocalypse. Terror reigns, and atrocity ensues. The apocalypse changes the culture of the minds of the creatures on the little ball.

Now, most of the cultures and beings are killed off by the salt in the ocean water (vacuum in space). But some survive. And they are now in combat with ‘lethal aliens from the deep waters… which are the similar but older and perhaps ‘stranger’ organisms from the ocean that ceaselessly invade the ball.

If these were humans, they might think like we do, but they would be mistaken. And, precisely like our modern cultures, which are not bound to this, but instead choose it by their angle of perspective, they would fail to realize something utterly obvious: everything including themselves came from the deep waters.


And by this allegory we can easily understand that everything on Earth is fundamentally alien. Earth is an anciently evolved temporo-spatial meta-organism. A kind of solar basketball on a celestial beach. Everything here is pure alien (and only the humans are confused about this, believe me).

The ball came from the ocean. So did the idea of aliens. So did everything.

We are aliens. Aliens are us. There are no aliens because everything is from timeSpace and its extensions. There is nothing else to be…

… but alien.

And if you begin to realize this?

Well, you are going to meet aliens.

(why? contrary to popular speculation, media, nonsense and ignorance sold as secret wisdom, you and your mind are made of them, and your world is basically a transcalar zoo of them).

In ways and forms that nothing in your culture could possibly ever prepare you for.


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