The Internet = ‘Civilization’, The Sequel.

Remember how ‘Civilization’ seemed like such a great idea? I mean, really, we went rabid over this. And then its proponents went around viciously, rapaciously murderously converting living cultures into war, slaves, entertainment, chattels, whores, land, and banking assets? You know, representations of conquering, power, victory, wealth, privilege… and simlarly malignant lies?

And they were able to do this for a simple reason: they had both the diseases and the technology necessary to wipe out their own future and ancestors. And then?

Nature herself. Completely. So, as soon as they took care of the original children that were our hope and species — after they got a ‘mission accomplished’ on that one…. well, they got started on NATURE? You know, the good ole’ BASIS OF LIFE ON EARTH?

Remember ‘Civilization’? Actually, you don’t have to remember for this part: you can simply directly observe how it has to keep killing everything it must replace (to survive and dominate all life on Earth) with sickening, lethal representations? How unthinkably efficient it is at this ‘task’? More effectively and pretentiously… more egregiously and insanely… than anyone could rationally imagine or predict?

Remember this whole ‘Civilization’ kick? And what it is still leading to, more and more broadly and profoundly, every day?

Remember all that agony, misery and horror? The lies sold as holiness? The terror sold as protection? Our children, our mothers… dying of neglect, abuse, rape… and poisons in every aspect of our lives and world? Poisons that we can no longer escape and are born into permanent, irrevocable intimacy with?

Remember all that?

Here’s why I am asking.

The Internet?

That’s the ‘new civilization’. And we… are about now repeating history in the most catastrophic, stupid, and deadly ways imaginable.

But we are all just so excited about it!!

Part of the reason I am asking this is because… frankly?

Our memory doesn’t even work. It isn’t even memory any more. It is a disease in the shape of a machine. And it is eating our minds, world, and future faster than anything you can name. You want a lethal threat from ‘space’ that comes to unite the world?

Well, you got it. It’s us. Right now.

Remember ‘Civilization’.

While you still have that opportunity. Or any opportunity.

At all.

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