The Mouse of Our Intelligence

The poor mouse of our intelligence has seventeen thousand, eight-hundred and nineteen ticks of copied cultural reproductive spore-flowers attached to every possible linking-node in its mind. It is, therefore, absolutely isolated from all nature and intelligence by the parasites who co-opt it and drain it of all power and developmental force.

These appear as insipid ideas, quotations, photographs, news items, petitions, memes, cosmologies, explanations, exhortations, descriptions, and, generally, highly concentrated stupidity, masquerading as heroism, special intelligence, insight, ‘revelation’ and more.

The mouse of our intelligence, brave… inquisitive, profound… anciently endowed with the power to kill an Eagle in flight… can barely even move. It is actually suffocating under the weight of the parasites it bears.

And when I come, and declare the situation, and bring the symbiotic predator that -eats those parasites like they were delicacies-… the mouse… suddenly rises from its lethal stupor… not to praise or assist…

… but to assail me. With fury and gnashing of teeth it attacks for all it is worth! For it actually cannot tell it has been co-opted. It is that far gone. It is, actually, the paramour and protector… of all its many parasites.

But I have brought the symbiont. And believe me, it -shall- be fed, and filled. And after it eats the parasites… it does not attack the mouse, but becomes its secret wings, its ancient ally, and a ‘companion’ who will fast and gladly lay itself to death … to win the slightest liberty for its bondmate. Its loyalty is beyond the mortal and borders upon the divine.

The mouse of our our human identity, potential, and intelligence, shall be once more be free, as we were clean when born, and new… and richly wrought — of singing lights and dreaming stars…

And soon.

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