Unstoppable : By Nature

Now, in the beginning, you traveled simultaneously across a gulf of timespace in two ‘distinct’ bodies striving to meet. This gulf was, in its true expanses and complexities, far more than the combined distance between all the worlds in a galaxy. You crossed it in the form of two tiny seeds, each a universe of potential, traveling within the slowly maturing bodies of your parents on a tiny spinning island in an intelligent void lit by the local representation of the paramour. A magnetic mating, like lightning, space, eyes, and time, you were — and are become.. Half of you was water: the gravitic excitement generated by a body of pure undifferentiated potential. And half was a power so vast as to be nameless, but is lightning, light, is life, is death. Is knowledge. Is potentiation. Is differentiation. It goes. It penetrates.

These forces strove to find transport into one another, there to bond, and be destroyed, and be transcended in their annihilation as your own mind and being — in bodies mortal, here on Earth. And you traveled, as microscopic seeds, like those of the fig tree… across expanses at that scale of time, relation, and space? Unthinkable. Relational distances. Ecological distances. Temporal distances. Chemotaxic distances. Energetic and cognitive distances. Five kinds of mechanical distance.

All of them… and more, at once. And faced dangers in each unrecountable. And in so doing, and succeeding, you became… unstoppable. And in every trial, you won through, and shocked the angels into silence. Two tiny motes, adrift in ramified impossibility, recursive transcendence impounded in form… explosions of potential held deeper and more true than the powers within stars or space. And you traveled. Remembering. The beauty of the firstplace. The sacred mission. The vigilance. The valor. The urgent need for your unstoppable beauty formed in and by the grace you were driven to become in human birth.

And the gulfs collapsed before your pulse, and the monsters fell at the mere expectation of your near arrival. You conquered worlds, and storms of time and space. No gate withstood your single knock, as your ‘parents’ on ‘Earth’ were born and grew, unknowing… all the while… that deep within the possibilities of their lives… a battle was raging. A battle that would be won, on the day of your emergence into birth.

To bring you forth, they danced and moaned, they ached in ecstasies. And you won through. And the face of time and space were rent in twain to become your being, as your mind… the pulses of your living heart… to bring this dream you are and all your travel and travail to dearest true fruition.

And in the eye with which you see and read this story is remembered. For the sacred waters of your mother are exquisite in their magnetic divinity —  and carry the entire shocking story of this journey and your justice. They are the flower of your iris. And in their center, pierced precisely as your father pierced your mother’s dire desires with power… is your pupil — the living fact of both that transit and its memories, its furies thus encoded — the secret ‘living pint of flow’ that must be negative so as to draw and pass ( to become positive ) all light as intelligence… into minds and worlds. And your eyes are thus the living record, the tiny stars of living worlds. And in their form and wondrous nature, all journeys are thus writ — so as to, together with their ache and pulse, call you forth entire at last from long impossibility, this transubstantial leap into a series of threats and expanses so terrifying as to rend mortal minds to shreds — into memory and remembrance. Into victory, and emergence.

And now you stand before the monsters not of hell, but human culture. Deadly mimics, diseases masquerading as justice, righteousness, holiness and truth. Words on paper killing children, stacks of green numbers eating animals and souls alive and spitting out graveyards. And as you stand amongst the waste and wonder of your world you may forget your birth, and all you came to be and do. Because the plastic gods of the minds of -this world- compete against your birth in every place and mind.

And this was why you came. To give answer unstoppable. To rend the face of the lie of language with the flame of living truth indwelt in eyes and wings and stars. And this is the meaning of your journey and the invitation to your awakening. Remember, now, oh child of skies and stars: you are unstoppable. Compared to your powers and purpose, your journey and the pulsing paradise at the root of your being’s heart? The shadows dwelling here are not but toys stood fierce in form and purpose — here to train you all to dear and mutual remembrance!

They shall fall before you like wheat before the thresher, and there transform to servants, and to prodigies untold.

Remember, o child of skies and stars. And I shall remember with you, and all of our children. Forever. And never again shall we forget.

We are unstoppable. By nature.


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