What ‘are’ organisms?

This is an electronic image of a being. In the image, it is shown in a timespace capsule. This particular form and mode of capsule (there are endless exotic forms and modes) is actually many factors the age of the universe, because tinyTime is exceptionally faster than human-order time (in more than three ways at once), and relational time, is both thicker and deeper. As both (and more) are involved here, the actual ‘age’ of this organism is: functionally inconceivable.



{ I, Sherlock… }

You are looking at something that is to time as a star is to light.
But you cannot ordinarily detect this.


This particular capsule is a vehicle. It travels rapidly through time, in part, by standing still in space. What you call technology is like making mud pies compared to this. You would need another word for ‘what class of phenomenon this is’ since it is an incompletely specifiable class whose presence generates the classes themselves…

It is so sophisticated that there is no ‘technology’ capable of even reasonably representing it, let alone surpassing it. This is a being. It does not have ‘parts’ or ‘functions’. There is no accounting involved unless human beings show up. It is an extension of your own mind, body, and other aspects of yourself you have no analogs for in your languages.

This is a being. It is more intelligent than all human books, and all of physics. It does not represent this intelligence. It is intelligence. If you test it for representations of what it is being it will fail. In the same way, you will fail to become intelligent if you are too busy testing and thus functionally blind to all being. This is a vehicle. It is a part of you, your history, your intelligence, and your future. Encountering it is an opportunity precisely as fraught with peril and potential as unexpectedly encountering an occupied spacecraft from another world. In fact, it could be more of both. Unless you think you know what this is. In which case both you, and your intelligence, are done for.

Living beings are not what humans think they are. There are not class members or descriptions or DNA. In fact, most humans (very nearly all of us) are more ignorant about organisms than the math necessary to do QM calculations. Especially the ones who think they aren’t. Don’t cop an idea of what these are. Ever. Seriously.

What these ‘are’ is incompletely specified, and unspecifiable. This represents a trap and an opportunity. The trap is the possibility of declaration. That is ‘deciding’ ‘what’ this is.

The possibility is invitation. To be directly involved in the active discovery and co-emergence with and as… all beings… together… in all of time.

This is a vehicle. Get it?

2 thoughts on “What ‘are’ organisms?

  1. When we start testing and labeling, we are doing it through our filters, which are designed not by original truth, but by culture. The wonder ceases, the life ceases

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