The Mission

We came, each one of us, with a mission. It was incompletely specified in such a way as to comprise at once a lethal challenge and an impossibly intelligent asset.

The first part is simple: discover (which means remember) that you have an urgent mission of an exceptionally unexpected kind. It gets attacked and co-opted by culture. Fast. The usual result is that it essentially disappears inside us like a angelic spy whose cover was -obscured by a series of technology incursions- and then co-opted by a network of sophisticated villains who do not precisely exist… except as ghosts in human persons and collectives.

Now, this is all extremely dangerous. On this side, we will continue to forget what we came here to remember, and will become more and more confused about this as the process proceeds. And we will encounter a set of ‘intelligently self-directing forces’ arrayed against as human persons, cultures, groups… and, most of all, technology. Particularly language

We call it culture. None of its aspects are actually separate, but we speak of them as though they are, and then forget that this is a convenience, which is lethally misguided. This, along with some thousand or so similar ‘oversights’ places each one of us and every order of our social groups us in a situation so bizarre that it trumps all of science fiction: we are dominated by a cognitive technology, whose most obvious expression we call language.

But when we simply remember -this idea- together (which is, by the way, what all children who are playing are doing)… we tame the culture monster and it begins to serve us. Then, without religions, dogma, leaders, or even rules… we can begin to re/dis:cover the missions we came to become together. And this is what all of our heroic film, theater and fiction is replacing with ‘entertainment’. Let me show you something about ‘entertainment’.



See the problem? I thought you would. Do you have any idea how lethally addictive and abusive this problem is? Think on this while I explain that if, instead of this, we -work together for the sake of each other, our undiscovered missions, and the world- and not for the sake of lethal narratives and descriptions that want to rule us… we acquire something we do not formally believe possible.

Relational superfunction. Shockingly, terrifyingly robust… superpowers. That make our heroes look like sissies with guns. Seriously. That’s what we came here to be… little heroes. Not prisoners, entrained by language, knowledge, and technology to remain slaves who pay the price of their souls and hearts- for entertainment.

Entertainment¿ Stop by. I’ll take you flying with seven kinds of wings inside you… you have never heard of. In domains that our species does not even posses class-distinctions in language for.

Our -homelands-. Where the missions we came her to be together are -alive and speak-.

And then?

We are going to transform human history.


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