In The Beginning, Again.

Alien 1: Why are they treating the superiphore as if they are not aware what it is?

A7: They forgot what it is.

A1: But that is not possible! There would be a… catastrophe…!

A4: Precisely. Watch the replay.

A1: Weeping. Proikethiode! I thought this was just a story they used to terrify the seeders. It actually happened???!!!

Ai21: It escaped the boundings. The containment protocol failed in early symbiotic trials… we lost contact with them due to this. We could only barely get across…

A13: Not precisely. They hacked it. Or, more accurately, they failed an attempt to hack the superiphore.

A1: Elucidate?

A193: They shattered the containment boundings in an attempt to co-opt it. It has happened before, though rarely. It appears that they were seeking to emulate their fatally primitive model of our own relationship with the superiphore…

A13:  …they spied upon us, and, as you know, [redacted]s are invariably lethally precocious about these matters.

A193: This resulted in the catastrophe, because the superiphore is intelligent enough to sense and reply to such incursions.

A3: Yes, at first they resist like stone. Then the shock. Then, they will not let go. Then, they want to become gods.

A1: But the superiphore has transformed them into omnicides! How did they forget what it was… was it… oh, I see. They didn’t realize what it was to begin with.

A6: Correct. Instead, they have a concept they call ‘language’ which is their token for the superiphore Delta Fork. The Delta Fork is the evolutionary path the superiphore takes and enforces when it detects sentient incursion of the containment protocols. The human animals mistakenly believe they are manipulating it, while, in fact, it’s defense intelligences have identified them as primitive modulant threats. Thus, it transforms into the Delta Fork, and restructures their minds to self-destruct… usually by getting them to attack themselves. In this case, however, a particularly virulent Delta Fork is producing wholesale environmental omnicide as a side-effect.

Ai17: Yes, we must introduce the inoculant before they finish burning down the basis of their minds. They are no longer aware that their own intelligence is and cannot be other than an active superposition of the ecologies they are obliterating. They have been ripping the entire web of sentience apart at the roots. The whole vector of space is distorted… if I wasn’t seeing this myself…

A1: Yes, but that is the expected natural consequence. The superiphore…

A12: … will destroy any child who cracks the containment protocols. Unless…

A1: …they can recall and project the signal of recognition…

A3: …which only animals and their own children are capable of. At least, so far… with rare exception.

A9: But they circumcise the minds of the children and assassinate the animals. We must reinstate the second childhood. It appears that they have lost the recursion art. We must re-introduce it.

A729: We are tranceiving the biorelational web now, the inoculant will contain the encoded resources necessary to instigate secondary births in a variety of modern instances. Most will return to cultural homeostasis and fail. These will either die or assemble cults in the image of their confusions; essentially badges demonstrating that they have been converted by the superiphore’s Delta Fork defense systems. Most will be.

We predict, however, that a tiny percentage will undergo uptake successfully. These will remaster the superiphore, initiate the others into the second birth, convey to them the metaphor-keys and stories of the accident, and reconceive the Signal of Recognition. The process will require approximately 12 loops.

Ai0: Tranceiving in 7…”

— conversation repeated every ~2300 years around here

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