Minds: Beyond Human Culture

Our minds can be reasonably understood as a localized ‘surrounded fortification’ whose identity is profoundly related to its history, habits, connections, and inputs. Many of the inputs that nourished and fulfilled us in evolutionary history have been amputated and replaced with salable representations.

The reasons are complex, and astonishing to even begin to understand. Effectively, our minds and social networks (and extended relational networks) comprise a form of ‘contiguous terrain’. Like land, or forest. They are ‘living islands” in a hyperconnective relational terrain whose real extent our languages cannot permit us to imagine. We cannot -see- what we are, but we are not like machines. We are like forests… of minds… linked to… (later).

But we do not have ‘minds’. We are not and cannot be passive recipients of sensing. Our minds -are a mode of reality- that is biocognitive. Our -arrival on any field of biocognitive relation- is, effectively, the sudden arrival of a god. The reason is simple: our minds can -transform meaning, identity, roles, and opportunity- so radically that our arrival in a forest is analogous to the arrival of a space craft from a highly advanced civilization in my living room. The threats and opportunities? Profoundly analogous.

I here meander through a gentle rant on some ideas related to minds, human intelligence, memetics, thrisps, and cognisicia.

More, here:



The Mimula, Thrisps:


Minds: The Cogniscium, The Mimula, Thrisps: Culture Hacking


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