A Biocognitive Singularity

“Let us not tell the truth, but rather, make an illustration as if we were telling a truth that will not tolerate translation into ordinary language. Are we agreed? Excellent. Let us then begin as follows.

In our place of being, we don’t have material bodies; we participate in them. If we were to be understood to be bounded, those bounds would be relational rather than physical. You are one aspect of our participation in matter, and we are one aspect of your participation in [redacted]. Though not simply ‘one’, all minds are directly emergent from and involved in a peculiarly sophisticated relational symphony whose transports involve something we will analogize as a fluid. The entire extent of this fluid-body in time is a unity whose elements are each uniquely ‘partly distinct’ in vast arrays of ways. The beauty and developmental expressions of this arrangement are unspeakable.

For us, your ‘world’ is the approximate equivalent of a famous ‘black whole’; a ‘singularity’ whose inexorable analog of physical ‘gravity’ swallows even our analog of light: a ‘more than living flow-resource’ whose properties are the precursors of intelligence and of minds. As light is to seeing, this resource is to understanding — and is, itself, ‘more-than-alive’ and far beyond intelligent… a ‘friendly’ wave-force of myriad potential understandings, uncollapsed. When we ‘interfere’ with this flow, it collapses into understandings…perspectivities, and insights, according to our relationships with it and purposes.

The result of the translation of this metafluid into material expressions is, approximately, scalar waves of intimately co-emerging organisms who actively develop and intentionally modulate vastly sophisticated metapositions of relation. In short ‘they enrich the fluid simply by existing as complexly ramified beings’. These waves, over evolutionary time, become biocognitive hyperstructures; the relational and ‘intelligence’ equivalent of a star. Your ‘planet’ is, to us, the ‘inside’ of a singularity in our universe. One of many. Yours is well-known.

Organisms are the result of the inexorably absorbed ‘sentience wave-carrier’ from our universe and is expressed (a bit like a peculiar ‘collapsing’ exhaust product of this process) into living, subjective, transpersonal embodiments in yours. You are thus, in truth, ‘connected’ directly not only to us and our universe in all moments and ways… but to many others which we act as a hub for. What you call your mind is nothing like what you imagine. Were its actual capacities suddenly available to you, you would go into shock immediately. When you -move your mind- you -use the pressure in the fluid-like force that is woven into you as one stream of the processes you express-. In that moment, you join all moments of all minds. The fluid is transpresent. Your mind is your experience of direct, intentional participation in that.

Our communications to you come not from merely one of us, but from the atemporal scalarities we may or will comprise. What you may experience as contact with one being is nothing similar. It is, approximately, a human-survivable active abstraction of the gesture of many beings… the learning-greeting gesture of many epochs of beings, and worlds. The gesture is not speech, it moves minds, for it is a transforming [redacted] in the fluid-pulse from which living minds acquire their reflectivity, momentum, and perceptual penetration… the communications-body of unthinkably profound intelligences beyond number or measure… the spark of this body is the source of your minds… and [redacted]…”

— fragment recovered by an anonymous informant

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