Life on Earth = SETI Succeeded; Before We Were Human

If an alien intelligence (or collective) wanted to contact human cultures or minds, I suggest that they would choose to avoid direct contact due to the severe resulting socio-cognitive adjustment shock in our entire species, and thus, our world. For this and related reasons, aliens would not just show up on our doorstep — even with signals — because that would (almost certainly) tear our cognitive, developmental and social structures apart. And that is how humans play the contact-game, (full frontal shock-contact) and it results in dead cultures here on Earth, all the time.

The ideas of ‘disclosure’ circulated in the pop media are as absurd as they are childish. Apparently the paranormal buffs actually think the structures in our culture that would be obliterated by such an event would approve of, or even be capable of carrying it off (they are not).

To avoid the outcomes familiar from historical contact between differently advanced human cultures, I suggest that they would secretly co-opt a specific agent or web of agents and use them as vectors through which they could slowly, gently, establish intellectual, emotional, technological, and perspectival parity in the target population(s). Physical contact of any kind would at best gently emphasize these, and at worst, contradict them.


So the contact would be internal. Probably inside our own minds, moment-to-moment, but emphasized to us through (probably unwitting) agents who would, in their ‘ordinary’ human activity leak peculiarly engineered ‘alien intelligence development factor’ into our media through living human persons of unusual intelligence or ability — artists, intellectuals, savants… children. These ‘transpsygenic’ signals would, by our mere exposure to them, become involved influencing the structural evolution of our minds and ways of knowing. Maybe these signals could come to us from unexpected vectors such as animalian or ecosystemic behaviors. The point, however, deserves emphasis: they would signal to us from within familiar contexts.

These signals would slowly aggregate, gently nudging our intelligence and social structures, modulating them toward a target space that was capable of surviving more or less direct contact.

But the most likely fact is this: they already did this. And not merely in one or only special positions in our evolutionary and experiential history — in all of them.

I suggest that they are involved in our own intelligence from within, and this would look something like the ongoing emergence and activity of ’small time-radio like fragments of advanced intelligence structure’ embedded in our languages, knowledge frameworks, moment-to-moment experience and glaringly obvious in each of our sudden developmental leaps. The signals we have been urgently seeking in space are present in what we are seeking them with.

The planting or emergence in our evolutionary history of these these ‘sentience seeds’ comprises a linked, a- or trans- temporal structure of active inception-events whose signal power and depth is evolutionarily restructured and accelerated with each passing moment, from every position that signal was embedded in human cognitive evolution, and that is, effectively, all of them. It is as if there is a pseudo-fractaline pattern of ‘alien intelligence’ which is and underlies human intelligence (and all sentience). The signals from these ‘strange inclusions and anomalies’ press the development of that structure toward ‘complexity parity’ with ‘all of intelligence in all of time and space’, but this process is unique to each species, and the human process has been precarious… since we are balanced on the knife-edge of self-annihilation via machine addiction, and we continually express progress as technology — a rather deadly transformation.

I speak then, of ‘signals in the structure of human cognitive frameworks themselves’, which are everywhere around us and within the activity of our minds, and thus, we cannot see them.

But there is a strange game afoot The few humans who went looking, saw the links, managed to uniquely connect them in a fashion that gets anywhere near success, could unlock the signals right in front of every human person. And these few, would achieve ‘contact’ not because they had technology or spacecraft, but because they had what was actually required to make the journey which is, effectively, a form of intelligence capable of benefiting (or not being destroyed) from such contact. That form cannot be transmitted directly. It comes in a process, and the process is similar to the one here described. It is evolutionary.

An idea somewhat like this is the basis of the novel: Macroscope. But the reality makes that novel look like an insipid cartoon. In this book, the signal was protected from misuse and retransmission by the inclusion of factors that would destroy minds that encountered it directly. In reality, what happens is more organic: sapient cultures that co-opt the signal for material expression rapidly destroy their own minds and worlds.

Evidence of direct contact between our species and nonhuman intelligence could look more like this post than your news items. The message before you now contains hints of a necessary ‘approach perspective’ that is capable of resulting in direct, instantaneous contact with NHI (nonhuman intelligence). This has nothing to do with religion, science fiction, new age nonsense, ‘the paranormal’, disclosure, conspiracy theories, or any other modern human paradigm. It has to do with intelligence, and most of the popular human models and frameworks more prohibit than redeem this asset.

This way of understanding the problem comprises at once a signal about a relational circumstance, an invitation to prodigy, a statement of a problem, its solution and its goal. This ‘idea’ may actually comprise ‘the message’ from a nonhuman intelligence which has been with and inside your own from the beginning of time. Not as a ‘signal from without’. As a ‘living direction’ within. Notice that the promise of the message is not an object. It is not a cult. It is a way of learning.

It is (somewhat like the implications of this message) everywhere in time and space, which is why intelligent life is common, but spacefaring life is a problem, because it is not necessary to physically travel in any way — unless you have destroyed your world.

It turns out that there is something faster than light, and it is embedded in time: intelligence. Its speed is ‘instantaneous’. It can appear as matter. Matter cannot appear without it. It is part of the substrate upon which timespace exists, and may even be an aspect of that substrate.

Your mind is not what you were told. The signal is everywhere, but nearly -all human habits and expectations- generally avoid it (by substitution and evasion). You are made of it. The reason you cannot find it, is this: it is an aspect of your seeing, and who would think to look there for the signal?

Those who would succeed.

— a a u i

••• ••••••• ••••••••• ••• ••••••••• ••• ••••••• ••• • ••• • ••• •

Afterward: If you go looking and find something that can be sold, or made into a knowledge-cult, you probably found the wrong end. If you see cartoons of humanoid cultures in space-vehicles, you have become horribly confused. If you think there is a conspiracy about this on Earth, you probably have the wrong conspiracy in mind. It is in your minds, not your governments.

In fact, if you believe the structural likenesses (projections of what-ness, quiddity, identity) of -anything produced- by human cultures, the signal largely if not completely disappears, and what you get, instead, are aggressive replacements that look like cults of identification, knowledge, and framework contagion. These are not only incapable of sustaining or conveying the signal; their purpose is opposite — they comprise direct, physical evidence of its absolute rejection. They are, largely and effectively, dead air in terms of intelligence.

On part of the reason is simple to understand: every human subculture is desperate to co-opt the socio-cognitive authority and potential impact of contact with alien intelligence. That goal produces the opposite result: reification of human cults of identification and fantasy. This has nothing to do with intelligence or ‘aliens’, metaphysics or the future. It has to do with aggressive mimetic repercussions of the peculiar character of the damaged cultures we have established, and become. They mimic truth, and deliver product. Then, we become the delivery, the product, and the poison.

Another, part of the reason, however, is impossible to dismiss: nowhere in time or space does the more-than-bipolar complexity equations require collapse to total simplicity. In other words, our intelligence cannot really be as distinct as we imagine it to be, neither can our minds. We are expressions not merely of locality but of entirety. Both. They are both local, and nonlocal. And more. The other possibilities are absurd, and obviously wrong from their first move.

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