Free Energy: To Silence Earth, Forever

There are a number of glaring problems with the ‘free energy’ idea. The first is that technology is necessary. If that were so, the world would have been born in metal, not mud. Because we cannot believe that organism trumps mechanism, and are addicted to the produce of this delusion, all organisms are under threat of execution by our guiding paradigms.

But still, a nagging question remains: don’t we want cars and trains, jets and computers?

Well, the answer isn’t easy to understand, unless you’re not a human being. If you’re not a human being, the overwhelming answer is simply: no. We don’t want any of those since they cost our lives. Their costs are paid in our bodies, our health, our children, and even in space to be or grow into. So, if you’re not human, the answer is always no.

But suppose you’re human? There’s still a huge set of problems. Science and industry — medicine too — these ‘human cooperative knowledge generators’ really have no idea what the world is, or is about. Of course, they are not beings, and language that frames them as having the qualities human beings have is delusional in this sense.

But the social and technological paradigms that underlie the priorities of our human supercultures —  do have agendas — about what things and beings are (and are for) that are not survivable. They are not merely dangerous — nothing on Earth can survive the outcomes of the actions instigated by these knowledge-authorities. The resulting ways of knowing get instanced in human cultures, and this produces abstract entities comprised of individuals who have stipulated goals, many of which remain functionally covert, even to those carrying them out.

These people, these humans, and the frameworks that have been handed down to them are actually even more confused than the effects of science, industry, medicine, or just about anything else. Frankly, they haven’t the slightest idea what’s going on, and most of them are living in =a giant, extremely well-funded hallucination of endless abundance, indulgence, comfort, entitlement, and outright lying. Nearly all of us live this way, more so perhaps in the United States than in any other nation on Earth.

The reasons are complex, but they have to do with being spoiled, and also being spoilers. We were spoiled by the profusion of ‘resources’ (read: obliterated organisms and ecologies) we acquired, and we utterly spoiled not only those, but anything else we could either buy access to, or directly ‘convert’ —  and this was done to fund two basic outcomes: atrocity, in terms of the open omnicidal destruction of living beings, and commerce; a kind of murder where you hide the damage and sell the skeletons at the highest price, all the while pretending to be a hero. This is most of what our species as a group has been up to for quite some time, and when the clothes come off the monster, what’s left is really rather horrifying. It’s the basic notion of our ideas that frame what we assert as progress — what it means, what it’s worth, what it’s supposed to cost, and what the outcome should look like.

Let me tell you this: if it looks anything like what’s under all that hype, it has nothing to do with progress, and everything to do with parasites.

It’s a pretty strange game to be human. And, in point of fact, being human is nothing like what science, religion, governments, corporations, or even rationality frame to us. These ‘faux authorities’ (they are not human beings and cannot have opinions, intelligence or ideas… they are socio-political and academic frameworks) are instrumental in misguiding and empowering our extant supercultures. It is not possible for a non-person (i.e. ‘Science) to understand what is wrong with what it its effects or agendas are. Science cannot do that. Neither can religion, or the IRS, or even the US of A. No corporation can ever be a person, although they can assimilate or feed on them. And they do.

Once you become a person you can easily be co-opted by every sort of domineering mind and people-set. Just like any other organism or animal. It might seem strange, but people, who certainly are superficially human, are changed by their membership — putative or real — in groups. Groups reprogram people for their own ends, to a greater or lesser degree, but almost invariably in a number of ways that, once established, desire their own continuance, so to speak.

The single obvious focus is clear: it is the definition of progress, which is simultaneously presented as the reason for our unity and the reason for itself. In short, a circular, self-consuming lie. But a powerful one because it it forms the very purpose of our assembly as a group. This is our organizing principle. Such power is practically unquestionable, and it is extremely unhealthy, as nearly everyone knows, to engage in such questionings.

When a person becomes a member of some way of knowing or other, or some group or corporation, this often deeply distorts their humanity, because it warps the fundamental definitions by which we live and understand our waking lives. Agencies, administrations, organizations, ‘the’ church, Science, ‘The Doctors’ —  Experts and Judges, Juries and finally ‘the other’ — these are the source of the ominous ‘they’ that haunted us in childhood, and which we later joked about. But we should have stayed with the question, because the answers we settled on were not only wrong, they were deadly.

These are nonhuman organizations manned by humans who think that, just because they woke up human in the morning, they stay that way automatically no matter what sort of mischief or overt mayhem they engage in. Literally. Once ‘agented’ by the appropriate collective (and sometimes even before this), these people will do –anything- under the auspices of duty or profit (and this becomes exacerbated by group size, vitality, etc.) and largely without much concern for the ethical, human, or even planetary outcomes. None.

Why? Because they have a stipulated goalset and the credentials (provided by themselves) empowering them to carry out their agendas, that’s why. That goalset essentially re-programs them to not be human. It usually includes things like ‘preserve these ideas and this group and these functions of it at all costs, and replicate it wherever possible’. Additionally ‘convert others to this position, or at the very least defend it in conversation as your own opinion’.

Now here’s where the rubber meets the road. These organizations have to survive, and the only way to do that is with us as their converts. They’re going to have their pound of flesh, one way or another — and eventually it’s going to come all the way down to who will pay and who will suffer the consequences — because that’s the way inhuman beings who go to sleep as a human and wake up as a human, but are doing something else during the daytime, work. This is how they –always- work, and moreso during a crisis. Just as the automotive giants and the banking industry have shown us, they will actually knowingly attempt to survive at the cost of the survival those they are purportedly serving. The whole fatuous scheme is such a reeking falsehood that it’s actually shocking –anyone- could swallow it. But it gets worse, still.

There’s nothing that would invigorate the sudden interest in the absolute and final desecration of every remaining organism on Earth more — nothing — than the sudden discovery or common availability of ‘free energy’. The combination of a source of free energy at this point in our cognitive devolution, and yes I mean devolution, with our current understandings of computers and manufacturing would guarantee the advent of 9 million kinds of threats we cannot in our wildest nightmares hope to possibly contend with intelligently.

What’s more, it just so happens that there are a variety of extremely cogent and real threats that we are utterly ignoring, and pretending will somehow go away soon — which are not only not slated to go away — they are coming directly and very rudely to a theater –right where we live- in extremely short order. While we are busy goofing off with daydreams of becoming technological super-somethings, our actual biocognitive foundations have been ripped to shreds and are still being actively done away with while we fawn over videos and photographs of animals.

It never occurred to us that our fascination with animals was our fascination with our own bodies, but that’s the case. Those ecosystems and forests that are getting burnt down to sell charcoal? Those are you. Your own body, your own mind. See, we’re not merely participants on Earth, any more than your own neurons are participants in you. What happens in your stomach or your lungs, also happens in your brain. It’s the same on Earth. What happens to the oceans, or the whales, happens to every creature at once. Because the oceans and the whales, and the bees, you name it — it’s all inside us. Not in a fairy-tale whimsical way — though that’s also true — no, in a cold, almost technological, factual way. We are –instances- of Earth, not inhabitants. It’s not hard to understand this (unless millions of broken authorities who have no idea what they are on about since they never actually went to look with anything even vaguely representative of an open mind are contradicting you). It is hard to say it clearly.

Earth is a superorganism. That means that her stories are –more emotional-, -more than human-, and –astonishingly larger than life- in a very real way, that becomes completely apparent to everyone at once under some circumstances.

Now, the arguments for free energy appear to make perfect sense, and, in fact, I spent a significant amount of my adult life not only in favor of this but in research. It was not until I discovered that the problem is not energy, but ideas and how they are formed and promulgated that I realized that there is no dearth of available energy here. What is lacking is this: survivable paradigms of identity. Until we establish those, ‘free energy’ would be a suicide pill for our species (for certain), and very probably for every evolutionarily conserved species of organism on Earth. It is, it turns out, a very simple matter to destroy a superorganism. So simple that I could accomplish it unaided. With free energy? Any competent 9-year old could manage it.

If you think we could not properly deal with the problems of the onset of industry, or nuclear power, or even corporate identity — what makes you think we would have even the slightest chance of surviving free energy? Within 6 months you’d be personally facing a cornucopia of threats of a kind you had never in your wildest nightmares imagined, and nearly none of them would be negotiable, at all.

What attacks your world, attacks you and everyone you love, and everything you love. And every single piece of technology does that, and in a lot more ways that we like to admit. So does every piece of media, including this one. Before we decide Free Energy is a good idea, or even a solution to anything, we had better find a way to repair human intelligence, because frankly, something went haywire a long time ago — and I think it’s our first priority to understand what that was, how it happened, and how to resolve it.

As it turns out, we’re going to need these answers immediately.

Not tomorrow.


One thought on “Free Energy: To Silence Earth, Forever

  1. I accept that technology has some bad effects, but then, coming to free energy, whether we have free energy or not, we will continue to use devices which must operate using energy. If we don’t get the energy free, we must buy it.

    Since that is still the case and for some unforeseen time in the future, I do not see how is becomes a disaster if we stop paying for the energy we use.

    How about the atmospheric pollution that combustion engines found everywhere cause? The idea of free energy modifies our technology, and make it less obnoxious for us.

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